A guide to Rezső Kasztner's shocking conduct during the Holocaust in Hungary.

By the Author

Paul Bogdanor, Introduction
The introduction to Kasztner's Crime examines the background of the Holocaust in Hungary and the importance of the Kasztner scandal.
Paul Bogdanor, Kasztner FAQ
Paul Bogdanor, Rezső Kasztner: The Man Who Betrayed 400,000 Jews
Paul Bogdanor, Kasztner: Holocaust Hero or Accessory to Mass Murder?
The truth about Kasztner, his "rescue" deal with the Nazis, and the mass murder of Hungary's Jews.
Kastner: Holocaust Hero Or Nazi Collaborator?
On Quest to Clear Kasztner, Historian "Shocked" to Prove Nazi Collaboration
From Jewish Hero to "Schindler in Reverse"
Jewish Book Week 2017: Perpetrators and Their Victims
6 Questions: Author Paul Bogdanor
Interviews with author Paul Bogdanor.
Paul Bogdanor, Misleading Criticisms of Kasztner's Crime: A Reply to Paul Sanders
Paul Bogdanor, Silencing Auschwitz Survivors: The Ongoing Kasztner Scandal
Replies to critics.


S. B. Beit-Zvi, To the End...
Explains Kasztner's wartime role and argues for his guilt.
Letters From Holocaust Survivors
Hungarian Holocaust survivors on Kasztner's role in deceiving them about the Nazi genocide.
Randolph L. Braham, Rescue Operations in Hungary: Myths and Realities
Destroys myths about various "rescue" efforts during the Holocaust in Hungary.

The Kasztner Trial

Ruth Cale, The Kastner Case Closed
An overview of the Kasztner Trial.
Akiva Orr, The Kastner Case, Jerusalem 1955
Provides extensive translations from the Kasztner Trial testimonies and verdicts and argues for Kasztner's guilt.
Interview with Shmuel Tamir
Claude Lanzmann's filmed interview with Shmuel Tamir, Kasztner Trial attorney and later Israeli Minister of Justice. Tamir was responsible for exposing Kasztner on the witness stand.
George Mantello and the Kasztner Trial
How a Jewish Holocaust rescuer was dissuaded from testifying against Kasztner.
Pnina Lahav, Blaming the Victims: The Kasztner Trial
Presents the establishment view of the Kasztner Trial as a witch hunt against Kasztner, mercifully ended by Israel's Supreme Court.
Shulamit Aloni, Roads Not Taken in the Province of Memory
Argues that the establishment view of the Kasztner Trial is totally mistaken.

Kasztner Controversies

Elyakim Ha'etzni, Some Facts Won't Go Away
On Kasztner's postwar aid to Nazi war criminals.
Rudolf Kasztner: The Hated Shoah Hero
A Shoah Hero in the Dock
Martin Gilbert, A Dupe, Not a Villain
Kasztner Still Controversial 50 Years On
The ongoing debate between Kasztner's supporters and opponents.

The Brand Mission

Emanuel Litvinoff, One Million Jews for Sale
Adolf Eichmann offered to trade the lives of a million Jews for trucks and other goods from the West. Joel Brand, who conveyed the offer, blamed the Jewish Agency and the West for "sabotaging" the "rescue" opportunity. This review of Brand's memoirs tells the truth: Eichmann's proposal was a ruse.
Allied Rift Called Aim of '44 Ransom Plan
Brand's little-known admission, shortly before his death, that he should never have passed on Eichmann's offer, which was designed to split the Allies.
S. B. Beit-Zvi, Sensitive Matters
If Western governments had negotiated Eichmann's offer - as Brand wanted them to do - then nothing would have been left of Hungary's Jews by the end of July-August 1944.

The Auschwitz Protocols

Rudolf Vrba, I Warned the World of Eichmann's Murders
Rudolf Vrba, Two-Hour Wait for Death
Rudolf Vrba, Escape at Last...
Rudolf Vrba, A Woman's Cry...
Rudolf Vrba, He Wept - and Passed My Message to the World
In April 1944, Rudolf Vrba and Alfred Wetzler escaped from Auschwitz and provided detailed information about the Nazi extermination process. This is Vrba's early account of his efforts to warn the victims and the free world.
Interview With Rudolf Vrba
Claude Lanzmann's filmed intervew with Rudolf Vrba.
John S. Conway, The First Report About Auschwitz
John S. Conway, Escaping Auschwitz: Sixty Years Later
Martin Gilbert, The Story of Rudolf Vrba
Ruth Linn, Genocide and the Politics of Remembering
On the Vrba-Wetzler report or Auschwitz Protocols, its mishandling by Kasztner and colleagues, and its subsequent treatment by historians.

The Rescue Operations of Moshe Krausz

The Holocaust's Foremost Unsung Hero
At an Israeli Moshav, Filling in the Blanks on a WWII Rescue Effort
On Moshe Krausz, head of the Jewish Agency's Palestine Office in Budapest, who directly and indirectly saved scores of thousands of Hungarian Jews. Krausz was "forgotten" by posterity because he accused Kasztner of collaborating with the Nazis.
The Hidden Story of Rescue Work in Hungary
A detailed interview with Dr. Ayala Nedivi, the world authority on Moshe Krausz's heroism.

The Rescue Operations of Otto Komoly

Saving Jewish Children in Hungary
Holocaust Commemoration Ceremony Marking Heroism Of Jewish Rescuers
Heroism of Jewish Rescuers Honored
Otto Komoly was president of Hungary's Zionist Federation and chairman of Kasztner's rescue committee. In coordination with Zionist activists and the Red Cross, he saved thousands of Jewish children from the fascist terror in Budapest. He was murdered before the end of the war.

Useful Sites

Kasztner Memorial
Established by the late Egon Mayer, Kasztner Train passenger. Includes a passenger list and a bibliography.
Vrba-Wetzler Memorial
Dedicated to Rudolf Vrba and Alfred Wetzler, who escaped from Auschwitz in April 1944 in order to tell the world about the death factory.
Ruth Linn
The Israeli scholar who did more than anyone else to bring Vrba's story to the attention of the Israeli public.
Ayala Nedivi
Dedicated to Moshe Krausz, who sent the Vrba-Wetzler report to Switzerland and helped save scores of thousands of Hungarian Jews. Mostly in Hebrew, but some articles are in English.